Time After Time

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Arriving early was never on your priorities list. You always seemed to enjoy that sense of rush, leaving last minute after making sure your trip would be comfortable with your water and your coffee and your phone charger and your sandwich and of course your perfect makeup.

Mornings are tough you say? You know better. Being late in the morning only means you will be late to return to your kids in the evening and missing out on getting to know them better.

Do you want that darling? Have you really considered and felt the consequences of leaving home late?

How about when you actually plan an outing? The date and time are here. People call you and ask “how far are you?” And you lie saying “Oh! only 7 minutes away!” because you read somewhere that 7 minutes are bearable so that people still feel respected and patient waiting for you and not doubt you in the process. Because, come on, you do wake up early and you seem to have better control of your life than most, so how come you’re always late?

You are right to take pride in your achievements. But come on sweetie, admit it, this habit doesn’t suit you anymore. It almost casts a shadow on your shiny trophies. Others are making it on time. Others go out of their way just to see you on the agreed appointment. So why not be the one to meet them with a smile when they arrive instead of murmuring a fake apology when you do?

You don’t have an excuse anymore, google maps caught up with where you live and all you have to do is add 15 minutes in peak times to arrive on time. Your “new mum” excuse is also cashed out.

Speaking of mothering, what are you teaching your little ones? You are fully aware they will only copy you. They may even think it is so cool to be late. You could be not realizing how all this adds up.

But now you know. Now you stop. Now you respect. Now you teach. Now you truly live up to your standards. Now you are aligned. Now you are honest. Now you honor what was never yours, their time.

Time After Time

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  1. Diana nam says:

    Right on point, I added extra 5 minutes to all my clocks and watches to be early, I end up doing the math in my head and still be late 😖

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