November was one of the best months I had during the amazing year 2017. A year that I consider a turning point in my life.

I started the month with this post on Facebook. Inspired by Seinfeld and Austin Kleon’s post about this topic in his book “steal like an artist”.

Then, everyday for the next 30 days I posted on my social media the “X”; crossing the day off to indicate that I committed to my #dontbreakthechain challenge of waking up early and doing my morning routine.

It was the first time for me to be public about my 5am habit although I shared it here before, but few people only knew about my blog. And although it was a fairly regular habit for me that I got back to in October after summer craziness and September’s adjustments; being committed publicly like that felt so different and gave me such happiness and a purpose boost that I didn’t expect.

The outcome I really did not see coming though was how many of my dear friends encouraged me and approached me via their messages, wanting to know how I did it and why. Their genuine cusriosty was refreshing and I realized then that I started meeting my tribe. Little did I know that some were actually starting their own chain challenges because they got so motivated by my posts.

Weeks later, I received an overwhelming thank you note from an old friend whom I admire sharing with me the impact of my daily progress on her and how she applied it herself in her own way and succeeded.

I had goosebumps reading her message! As my sister said in alignment with great spiritual teachings that what you give, you give yourself. My friend motivated me when I needed to hear it.

My sweet November was indeed an experience worth sharing and repeating. It led to deep conversations and exchanges with wonderful people that I’m truly thankful for. That’s why I started the challenge again in January. I’m a better person when I wake up early to have my alone time to write, meditate and plan.

I also don’t know who else would I be helping by posting my daily X. I’m showing up consistently and I know for sure that new people will reach out to me with the same curiosity and I will welcome them to my tribe.


4 thoughts on “#DontBreakTheChain

  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    I need Novembers, lOts of them! 😦

    I liked the idea of the chain 🙂 (coming from Mr Seinfeld is a plus too) 😀

    I wish to go back-on-track with time management techniques and tools, I almost specialised in time management for my higher studies and read about it a lot in preparation.

    This is indeed a (push) blog entry, thanks!


  2. WordPress only allows us to press one ‘like’ button but this blog deserves 100 likes. It was my ‘Sweet November’ as well because of your posts ❤. I keep telling all my friends about this simple life-changing habit and they all loved it 🙂


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