What does a good day look like?

I’m better when I wake up earlier.

I’m better when I do my morning routine of reading spiritual scriptures & meditating.

I’m better when my day meals were prepared in the night before.

I’m better when I put makeup & feel good about how I look & dress.

I’m better when I arrive to work early.

I’m better when I write my daily gratitude journal.

I’m better when I start my work day by planning my tasks.

I’m better when I take the time to write an inspiring quote on the office’s whiteboard.

I’m better when I spread positive vibes around & don’t complain about mundane tasks that I need to do.

I’m better when I limit my social media consumption and choose to not be constantly available on demand through the different energy draining communication platforms.

I’m better when I have no meetings,  very productive and short ones if I must.

I’m better when I eat home made meals for lunch .

I’m better when I have just one cup of coffee a day in the morning.

I’m better when I’m patient and not reactive to the traffic I can’t control on the way home.

I’m better when I spend quality time with my family.

I’m better when I get to do some reading for topics I love in the evening.

I’m better when I get some cleaning done around the house.

I’m better when I get to have a good talk with a friend.

I’m better when I read beautiful words during the day.

I’m better when I take the time to capture beautiful photos.

I’m better when I minimize social gatherings during the week and enjoy them in weekends.

I’m better when I go to bed early and properly set the stage for the next day.

I found out that I feel much better about my day when I get to do these things. There are a lot of them that I can absolutely control, and thus run my life in the best way possible. I also know that when I don’t do these things I’m not really OK and that’s a sign there could be so many things on my plate that I need to let go of some to become better. I should pause a bit, reflect, readjust, relax again and get back on track.

I was inspired to do this list by Brené Brown who once gave a nice and simple example in her Gifts of Imperfection ecourse. She said that when food starts to expire in her fridge, that’s her cue that things are not going well with her life. I just have to agree with this! This list is part of an ongoing experimentation and recurrent themes coming up in my gratitude journals. It’s a work in process that really took me a while to figure out and build my life around.

This is what works for me. I hope you find out what works for you.

What does a good day look like?

5 thoughts on “What does a good day look like?

  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    Nice list, hard to argue -regardless of different personalities/lifestyles/etc..- with many of them.

    – I am also a morning person and like to wake up early but as years passed by this is getting harder to execute!

    – Home made food is the best, I wish eating outside and all what’s associated with it vanishes, simply vanishes! (we can dream. no!) 😀

    – No meetings! laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa2! lol (we need them s.o. m.u.c.h.)

    – If u take coffee out of yr life u will be happier! #no2coffee 😛

    – I’m better when I take the time to write an inspiring quote on the office’s whiteboard <– we see these on twitter u know 😉


    1. Thanks Haitham!
      -Well actually I’m not a natural morning person, it’s peer pressure and spouse pressure too hahaa, but I like it when I start the day early and admire people who do that so much!
      -Home made food doesn’t have to be a big deal, I’m not much of a cook myself, sometimes a pasta salad will do and keep me away from those unhealthy snacks. don’t forget it’s budget friendly.

      -I agree that meetings could get a lost of communication done, better than emails back and forth for example, but there are those long meetings that drag and suck life out of you with no clear outcomes. I hate those wasters!

      -Coffee and happiness are highly correlated in my life so that’s not happening any time soon. However, I just have one in the morning, and sometimes I “try” to skip it because I don’t like to be so caffeine dependent to get going.

      -So what do you think? are you part of the audience 😉 I post them on instagram first then share on twitter.
      If I don’t write quotes you should be checking on me, because that could mean I’m not doing so well.

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  2. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    Coffee fanatics r hard to convince so me stop here 🙂
    I am part of the audience for sure.

    If the issue is not resolved in three email exchanges, pick up the phone (or equivalent) ,,make the meeting a last resort <— this is a motto I struggle to keep


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