First Post

It’s already the second day of the brand new year 2015 and I’ve been preparing for these words for more than two hours on my laptop, for years in my mind.

Feeling anxious as I write this is confirming to me that I’m really leaning in and doing the right thing that I needed to do a long time ago but have been postponing for all reasons and no reason.

Reading my pre-ordered copy of  #youturn by the author I admire so much Seth Godin ( was exactly the push I needed to do this, to set up “my own microphone” in the internet age, this blog.

Why am I doing this?

Because I need to write. I need to practise writing, and I have to share what I’m learning to help others.

I don’t know how exactly I will do this,  my heart is beating fast while I’m typing away these words that I’m hitting the backspace button more than needed…”no don’t say you’ll post daily, you’re just a newbie!” “you made this sound like a really too much of a big deal, it isn’t”  “you almost never review books on goodreads and now you’ll share what you “learn” here, what’s so different now, huh?”

Well, I’m doing this anyway and despite all these “think again” internal forewarnings, and I will finally publish my take on life.

First Post

3 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    Welcome! 🙂
    “because I need to write” <– nothing can stop u and no better reason to "do" this! 🙂

    Awaiting yr reflections on what so-called life

  2. Although it’s too late to tell you this! You already managed successfully to keep this blog for another three years after this post but I have to share this with you. I came across a Facebook post a long time ago from a journalist.. she was talking about the power of sharing and posting on the different social media platforms. Personally, that was one of the reasons for starting my own blog around one year ago and starting reviewing and rating the books that I read on
    I am doing this as a way of giving back! I believe that our community needs more of helping refugees, donating money, spending time with senior people.. these are very important I know…but also creating and sharing original content is crucial, so please please please keep posting. Here is a link to that Facebook post:

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